Whether you’re having a structure built for business, or one to call home, or you are simply renovating, it’s important for you to be particularly discriminating when choosing a construction or building company for the job. You can better ensure the highest quality of work, as well as have the complete assurance that every dollar you direct toward the project will be completely worth it long after the project is completed. Therefore, the smartest choice of a company would be one that will provide an extensive builder warranty.


First of all, a builder warranty, specifically a builder structural warranty, is a demonstration of full commitment to providing clients peace of mind that the final output will be absolute completion of the vision. Likewise, it proves that the company cares about their professional reputation and that should they fail to meet the standards required for the project, they will take full responsibility until you’re properly compensated for whatever trouble caused by the failure from the builder’s end. The warranty is their way of taking care of you and taking care of their own operations.

In addition to that, it is also the perfect document to use in educating investors on how the structure can be best maintained for beauty, durability and safety throughout the years. With it, you will learn all the soundest methods of maintenance, as well as the impact of certain activities and environmental conditions on the materials used for the structure. You can prevent structural issues in the future because of these inclusions in the insurance, and all these mean that you’ll actually be a better owner and steward of the building.

A builder warranty is also known to add value to the structure, so should you decide to sell the property within the time period covered by the warranty, you actually score the opportunity of generating bigger profits from your asking price. It’s important to mention as well that real estate trends prove that homes covered by a builder warranty are always more preferred by smart property buyers than those without it — the fact that a residential building is covered by a warranty is a reliably strong marketing tool that appeals well to the most discriminating buyers.

Likewise (although this situation doesn’t happen often), if you pay a deposit and the company ceases trading before work is completed, you can insure your deposit and guarantee for a number of products which include bathroom, bedrooms, garages, windows, etc.

And lastly, with a builder warranty, all disputes regarding the property can easily be resolved because it includes binding arbitration without the usual lengthy and costly legal process.

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