Home refurbishment begins at the design stage with our design team we will provide you with a realistic representation of our design, as well as the complete technical documentation and a detailed quote. We can also create a bespoke construction and refurbishment project for you that involves a combination of different works.

Our team is ready to discuss your project in detail, and to offer you a solution that best meets your desires and price range. We have also developed a range of package deals with different prices and timescales.


We will provide you with the highest attention to detail in the carrying out of a full refurbishment which will use the most modern and innovative approaches to interior design, interior planning alteration and construction techniques to fulfil your every desire. Let yourself be creative in your vision for your home and let us make your ideas come to life.

Our highly qualified and professional designers will find you the best solutions in the choice of colour scheme and decorative elements, as well as any complex issues with alteration to the planning of interior spaces. You will be provided with an extremely high standard of workmanship to an agreed timescale and a guaranteed result. We value our reputation, which is why we offer you only the best!


10 Reasons to entrust your home refurbishment to Crown Designs:

  • Crown Designs work to the highest standards in quality of its services and professionalism of its workers.
  • Our experience tells us that the approach to each project has to be individual and every detail is to be taken into consideration.
  • Our representative will answer all your questions regarding the project at any stage of working on it.
  • Our architects and experts in construction will arrange for the necessary measurements, analyse the structure of the main part of your house (walls, basement, the soil etc.).
  • Crown Designs will also assist you with obtaining a construction permit and supply all utilities.
  • Our project manager will make sure that your project is thoroughly planned in terms of manpower and the optimal time frame is calculated.
  • Our interior design team will advise you on the design of your house according to your requirements in layout and interior design.
  • We will help you to choose the best materials for your project considering operating conditions, energy efficiency and your budget.
  • Our policy is to provide you with peace of mind from the very first day, to take the stress off you allowing you to enjoy the process of renovation of your property.
  • Our customers highly recommend us and are happy with their new homes!